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I think that every single person is a Creator with a great imagination, but many forgot about this dusty ornate door in the far-off corner of their Mind. I want to help re-discover it.

I enjoy exploring cultures, myths and legends and pondering over the bits of real history behind them. I believe that there’s much more to it than school textbooks want us to think. And I love telling those stories through the viewpoint of the strong female characters. There’s smth about this theme that calls to me on a deeper soul level and pushes me to explore this subject more and more. All of these influences bled into my work – I prefer implying symbols and giving hints, instead of telling definite stories, allowing people make up their own mind and come up with their own tales.

I’ve been a freelance artist for years, but all the commercial work I’ve been doing have been steadily bringing me less and less fulfillment. Not because the projects were boring (quite the contrary!) but because all this time I’ve had a nagging feeling that this is not what I’m supposed to be doing, that somehow I’ve been dishonest with myself. I yearned for creating work that came from my heart and not from the unpaid bills.

In pursuit of my goal of becoming a self-sustained artist I’ve created a Patreon to gather around people who share same beliefs and want to help me on this journey. I am also running my art store offering Limited Edition prints and original artwork.